Bleedin’ Nora! It’s New Year again?

It’s been less than 10 entries since the last New Year’s Day blog, when I complained about the lacklustre New Years day fireworks organised by Brum. I’m happy to report that the Fireworks were better this year. However, my attention to this blog has been … lacklustre it has to be said.

I have to admit a little infidelity in blogging terms as I have been contributing to recently.

New Years Squib

View of a Squib from Broad St. View of a Squib reflected against the Hyatt Hotel

After a little deliberation the better half and I decided to brave the much predicted (but in Brum un-realised) storms and join the massed revellers of Brum in seeing in the new year; we headed off towards Centenary Square. I hadn’t been there to see the New Year in for a number of years but remembered the countdown and the fireworks and the cheers and the car horns etc. that greeted the first moment of the year on those previous occasions.

But the pathetic display mounted by the City this year was frankly shameful. It didn’t help that we found ourselves at Centenary Square when the main display was occurring at Victoria Square but in a way that was a good thing because the display lasted for all of three … yes THREE … minutes and then that was it.

I wish they had cancelled it!

p.s. Happy New Year!