Monster Mashup

I dreamt I was trapped on a spaceship with a serial killer last night. Could have something to do with having watched Starwars and Halloween yesterday.


Starwars + Halloween = Solaris ?

Slumdog ‘miliner’

We went off to Portuguese class last night only to get to the doors of the Brasshouse language centre and read that classes had been cancelled due to the snow.

So, we decided to go to the cinema and found that Slumdog Millionaire was just about to start.


Over at Slashdot DesCorp announces

“Ricardo Montalban, immortalized as Khan in the Star Trek franchise, is dead at age 88, passing at his Los Angeles home. Montalban had a long and successful career on television and film. The voice of Rich Corinthian Leather is silenced, but we still have the memories.”