Just got back from Italy and back to e-life — I was never a big fan of Italy, at least not in the same way I have been of say Spain. Having said that, I’ve supported the football team at various world cups, where England weren’t involved, and enjoy the food well enough. I’ve even driven and loved an italian car (ahhh blessed Bella God rest her Panda soul).

Add to those a general interest in ancient history and it seems odd that I’d never been before. But persuaded by my better half, we went to Tuscany and I think I’m now a fan of the land.

I suppose Tuscany and ‘Chiantishire’ are quite aspirational destinations and certainly the prices attest to that but there you are.

Great weather, fine food and stunning architecture and scenery … But all of that matters not so much for me as the real reason for my conversion to a italiaphile …