The Christmas Common Market

The Frankfurt Christmas Market enlivens the heart of Birmingham yet again this year and whoever it was who first thought of inviting these guys over should be very pleased with themselves. For yet again it’s a hit with brummies, West Midlanders and possibly other Midlanders everywhere (I was in deepest Hagley last night and even the locals there were raving about it).

This year it’s bigger than ever stretching from Centenary Square through Victoria Square and down New St almost as far as Stephenson St. The city fathers have dusted off last year’s attractive Christmas lights and adorned the lamposts and spaces in between them to form a dazzling canopy of electric blue. A perfect accompaniment to the kitschy colours of the German Market.

A few days ago, while enjoying a wander through the Market one of the people I was with wondered why we don’t have evening markets during other times of the year. I know we have farmers markets there quite regularly but these don’t extend to the evenings. I think a French Spring Market or a Spanish Summer Market would be a further great addition to the Brum calendar.