Asparagus, originally uploaded by bongo vongo.

Drove to Evesham yesterday. Saw a farm shop just outside the town. A sign said locally farmed asparagus was being sold inside. I bought a bunch. It’s the season for asparagus. The Vale of Evesham grows the best.

A field in Oxfordshire

A field in Oxfordshire, originally uploaded by bongo vongo.

I pass a particular field everyday on my journey into work. Most of the time I don’t notice it. This past week, in the glorious weather we’re having, I couldn’t help but notice it. I had to stop and take it in. On the way back from work I noticed that what seemed like half the fields in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire are radiant in this way. Marvellous

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall, originally uploaded by bongo vongo.

We went to St. Austell in Cornwall back in September and visited the Eden Project (as you do) and when the weather permitted to some of the villages in the surrounding area. By far the most picturesque of these is Charlestown which has been used as a setting in a number of Films.

Another village we went to was Mevagissey where I had probably the best tasting pot of mussels ever anywhere (and I’ve had some good mussels in Belgium where they know a thing or two about them). I want to imagine that they were caught locally that morning but wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been imported from somewhere else.

Despite the occasional downpour during September I can easily recommend Cornwall to anyone planning a late season break but would urge them to take waterproofs and a sat-nav.

Squash from Kings Heath Farmers Market

Went to the Farmers Market in Kings Heath, Birmingham. There were only a dozen or so stalls, set out in a sort of circle just outside All Saints Church, but some fine produce nevertheless. We got some Jasmine Flower Tea and this squash. Haven’t decided how to cook it yet; choice between roasting it and making a warming autumnal risotto. Yum either way 🙂

Moseley on Farmers Market Day.

Was passing through Moseley this morning when we noticed the Farmers Market in full swing. The weather was good for a change and there were plenty of people about. The area by the bus stop, opposite the Barclays bank had all the food stalls and the Alcester Road side, opposite HSBC had the arts and crafts stalls. We bought some organic apples grown in … Argentina … hmm!