A funny thing happened to me on the way back from the forum

… titter ye not!

Okay, tribute to Frankie Howerd aside, I was directed to and was pleasantly surprised to see that some Sylhetis somewhere have setup an internet site which claims that it’s …

A new channel of Streaming Video and Audio featuring continuous programmes and monthly specials of interest to Sylhetis around the world. Schedules will be posted soon. Interested in contributing a program? SylhetVision wants to see your projects.

At the moment there’s not much there other than a few videos two of which feature the bangla pop favourite “Krishno” but it’s early days yet.

There’s also the heralding of RICKSHAW MAN who it’s promised will be “a hero for our time” … I can hardly wait.

Hmmm … I wonder if they’d be interested in my King of Curries?. What is that you say? — nay!, nay! and thrice nay! — oh, please yerselves then.

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