Birmingham in the eye of the Storm

Urm … we had a tornado here today.

courtesy of Bushra on FlickrThis afternoon, here in Brum, a tornado touched down somewhere in the Moseley, Kings Heath, Balsall Heath area — which is a 10 minutes drive away — but I was oblivious to it. Unlike poor Bushra who had a few obstacles to contend with on her journey home. [The image on the left belongs to Bushra and is covered by a Creative Commons Deed]

Come to think of it, I was equally oblivious yesterday morning while the police were raiding houses in Hay Mills and Washwood Heath — which is a 10 minutes drive away — in connection with the 21 July bomb attacks in London. And I was blissfully unaware, earlier this week in London while I was staying in Streatham, of the terrorist activities in Tooting — which is a 10 minutes drive away.

Birmingham Central MosqueEarlier today, the politically aspirant chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque — which isn’t a 10 minutes drive away … it’s just 5 minutes away — was bollocking Tony Blair for Britain’s involvement in the war in Iraq.

Well, I guess that means he won’t be getting a knighthood anytime soon. Hey! MI5 don’t have a tornado making machine do they? … nah!

You know, if I was of a paranoid or otherwise delusional nature I might start to think I’m being stalked by the zeitgeist.

It’s all just a coincidence right? … right??

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