About Podcasts

In case you’re not too sure what podcasts are about allow me to re-iterate an earlier explanation:

“If you’re one of those gadget-obsessed, fashion victims with an ipod (or whatever type of mp3 player) then you can plug this rss feed into your ipodder, (or whatever podcast software) and regularly bathe in the gently lilting tones of some brummie podcasting — you lucky souls.”

To put it simply, download a copy of ipodder to your pc/mac and then copy and paste https://www.bongovongo.com/wp-rss2.php as a podcast feed. This will copy the latest Bongo Vongo podcast (an audio file) down to your computer. You can listen to this at this point or, if you have an ipod, you can copy this file (which is in mp3 format) to your ipod and listen to the audio file as you wander along on your daily travels.

From this point on, everytime there’s a Bongo Vongo podcast, your ipodder will know about it and automatically download some dulcet brummie waffle for you to listen to at your leisure. Program notes will always be available as an entry on the blog along with a single downloadable mp3 format audio file of each podcast.

Enjoy the latest entries!

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