Reasons to get out more.

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I go through these phases, once every few months, where I just need to catch up with the latest developments in t’internet — hence the technical nature of the past few posts. But I’m wondering if all this technical marvellousness at my fingertips isn’t driving me away from what I considered to be the whole point of using technology in the first place.

It’s supposed to make life easier in some way — isn’t it?

I’ve just spent far too long, on a beautiful Spring day, sitting in front of a microphone and a pc in order to produce gibberish. I justify it with the thought that I’m trying to get a handle on the new technology. Why? Because there seems to be a lot of parallel and complementary developments in the field of personal publishing (weblogs, podcasts, moblogs, internet social networks and internet telephony) and I should know about them.

I expect I’ll only be truly happy with the technology when I can pick-up my mobile phone, take a few stills or a video clip with it, attach some text to these, post them to a blog and then phone in an associated podcast. It’s that last bit – calling in a podcast to a blog – that I’m missing now and I expect that that’s already being done somewhere.

But I still haven’t really answered the question why would I want to do all of this. I haven’t really got anything I want to desperately show, write or say that requires such a plethora of media methods. A petty realisation of nascent media meglomaniacal tendancies perhaps? or maybe just indulging my inner geek? I dunno.

Enough already — I’m off for some fresh air … and a kebab. Happy (or merry or whatever you’re supposed to say) Easter/ Shadinota Dibosh.

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