Rezwan, over at The 3rd World View, writes from flood ravaged Dhaka,

…Rich and poor alike are effected and they need food and water purifiers and some shelters. The day-laborers are the worst victims who seldom has proper housing facilities. Most of the flood shelters are running without any help or monitoring from the government. So far people the situation has not gone out of hand of the local people. But I wonder for how long they can sustain without proper and planned action from the government. There is an influx of flood effected destitutes across all dry parts of the city. I have personally helped a couple of them, but really that will not save them from misery. In fact collective efforts of government and NGOs as well as help from the non-effected are needed to establish more shelters equipped with food, medicine, cloth and other survival gears. Rehabilitation and repairing of the infrastructure damages would be another huge task when the water subsides…

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But disasters (whether man-made as in Sudan or natural as in South Asia) are affecting millions of people all over the world right now, so if you’d like to help those who are being hit the hardest wherever they are then you may want to make a donation to The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, or, (if you’re in the UK), The British Red Cross.

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