Death in Gaza

Just watched Death in Gaza on Channel 4 and as I expected it would leave me – I’m depressed and seething with rage at the injustice perpertrated against the innocent whoever they are.

Tragic was the situation of two very young lads, Ahmed and Mohammed, who are as enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming martyrs as young lads here might be about becoming England footballers. The obvious difference being that they’re only ever likely to win a single blood soaked cap for Palestine United. It was especially chilling to see that hooded members of Al-Aqsa Brigade quite happily use young Ahmed as a willing look out for them while they play their deadly game of cat and mouse with the IDF. When asked how they feel about putting such a young boy into such obvious danger one of the hooded militiamen says that there are thousands of young lads who can take his place in the event of Ahmed’s martyrdom. (I don’t doubt it)

Particularly tragic was the story of a Palestinian girl, Najla, who had already lost 8 members of her family when she was first interviewed. During this film by Saira Shah and James Miller she loses another cousin, a 16 year old boy. At this boy’s funeral, his sister is admonished for crying; to have a martyr in the family is considered a great honour for a family in today’s Gaza.

Then the final act in this tragedy – James Miller (the cameraman and co-producer of this documentary) is shot dead by an Israeli soldier, (despite his waving a white flag and being accompanied by Saira Shah shouting loudly and clearly that they were British Journalists). Both Ahmed and Mohammed decide to become cameramen when they grow up. (I hope they get the chance… to do both)

The programme ended with a voice speaking over the closing credits informing us that as a result of the recent Israeli Army bulldozing of Rafah – Najla, Ahmed and Mohammed have all been left homeless.

[UPDATE 14/04/05 — IDF gets away with murder (what a surprise!)]

[UPDATE 21/04/05 — Huh!?]

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