Another War Another Image.

Well, you didn’t think I was going to go on for too much longer without making some mention of those images from that ‘just war’ did you? Well, I wasn’t going too especially after a hard day’s shooting of “Attack of the Killer Brain” (I’ll tell you about it some other time) but I changed my mind as I was relaxing in front of Newsnight (Oh yes! mine is a life of relentless excitement).

Kirsty was giving Christopher Hitchens rather an easy ride (is it just me or is Mr Hitchins looking increasingly like a piece of steaming turd?) and allowing some US political non-entities to express their outrage at the ‘abhorrent behaviour’ of those ‘aberrant soldiers’ with their distinctly American un-American activities. Still, it wasn’t really enough to get me to put fingertips to keyboard and tap anything that isn’t being tapped out already by the outraged masses of blogistan.

Kirsty Wark had even managed to get an interview with Rummy’s neo-chum Richard Pearle who was clearly out to defend the evil old bastard and that had me teetering on the edge of my laptop but I relented. I thought – fuck it – everybody and their mother now knows the score and that’s that. Until, that is, the next viagra-fuelled half-wit occupant of the Whitehouse decides to go off to find fruit for his hanging tree while all the good ol’ boys and their gals lap it up with an extra side-order of fries and a world teaching slug of the real thing.

But then cultured Kirsty made a passing reference to Goya’s images of the Peninsular War as a comparision and well, I had to find out what she was going on about. I did …

say cheese!
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