STOP PRESS: A good bloke did something nice!

The world’s gone mad! … democratic leaders … more like demoncratic leaders – fucking bush, fucking blair, fucking sharon, fucking arafat in fact fuck all of them old pricks and their Machiavellian “advisors”.

Anyway, some real news – on the way to West Bromwich yesterday, for a little work again, I had to stop at a car mechanics and get one of Bella’s tyres fixed. It was completely deflated and air pumps wouldn’t reinflate it. I thought I’d have to buy a new one but went into this mechanics shop and asked if they could fix it – if so it would be cheaper than a new one but I was stretched over the proverbial barrel here so I’d have to accept whatever I was told and however much it would cost.

The mechanic bloke took the wheel off my hand and took it into the workshop out back. He noisely did his business and emerged about 10 minutes later with the tyre in hand. I thought here we go – he’s about to tell me there’s nothing that can be done about the tyre and I’d have to shell out for a new one out of my equally deflated financial reserves but I was so wrong. He said that something had blocked the air nozzle and that he’d unblocked it and re-flated the tyre, then he took the tyre outside to Bella and replaced it.

Cynical old me thought that he did this in order to soften the demand for payment for his highly trained diagnosis and resolution to my pneumatic predicament so I asked,
“How Much?”
he looked at me smiled and said,
“Nothing mate”

Now there’s a real prince amongst men.

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