The Blame Game

I never wanted to write another word in this category but I couldn’t help it today – the day of the release of the ‘Tipton Three”. Their capture in Afghanistan and subsequent incarceration at Guantanamo precedes the War in Iraq but it’s all the same thing isn’t it!?

And now that Max Clifford is on the case the three midland lads will no doubt be reviled in the press (the ones who dont get to buy the story that is) for their mercenary exploitation of the situation (after all it was only two years of their young lives that they were locked up for for no good reason and without access to lawyers or family). Good luck to them I say, hope they can squeeze as much out of the situation as the press already have and will continue to do so.

It’s tragic that on the day they’re finally free from ‘coalition of the willing’ hands, that real ‘evil-doers’ are killing hundreds of innocent spanish commuters.

I’ve just caught the BBC News 24 lunchtime bulletin about it and perhaps it’s as a result of my share of the collective sense of persecution that muslims (even nominal ones) have but I’m sure the journalists were bending over backwards in their efforts to link Arab terrorists to the attacks. Were it in a court of law, they could have been accused of leading the witness for the way they were trying to get the various experts to say that Al-Qaeda could have done the bombings. But it wasn’t a court of law and sadly it could very well have been Osama’s lost boys – this despite the insistance at this stage, by both the Spanish police and a spokesman from the ruling Popular Party, that it was probably ETA.

Anyway, whoever it turns out to be – it’s just disgusting and I can’t see how murder (or kidnapping) helps any cause.

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