Two weblogs are better than one?

They have a new UK correspondent over at Cinema Minima – me! It’s voluntary but I get a weblog and Austin, the editor, can get press passes to festivals for the LA-based but international news digest for digital movie-makers.

Cinema Minima [CM]’s focus isn’t so much upon the established movie making scene as it is upon the developments in the industry that effect independent filmmakers and the technologies that can enable them. In Austin’s own words,

CM is not directed at people working in Hollywood, rather to persons who — had it not been for the availability of inexpensive, easy-to-use, and broadcast-quality digital movie making tools — would not be even considering making movies.

The first entry was about the 10th Bradford Film Festival, running later on this month. There’s a short film strand at the festival which I’ll attend and scribble some notes about.

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