Chilli Flavoured Ice Cream

Why has it taken me so long to find out about Chilli Flavoured Ice Cream ?!!.

Well bless the Purbeck Ice Cream Company for coming up with it but dammit why did they have to be out there in Dorset? now the Tesco out somewhere in Poole stocks this new food of the gods but is there anywhere near Brum that has it? … Of course not! Typical ‘Ignore Brum in our plans for World Conquest’ marketing mentality — I mean we are talking one of the largest concentrations of devoted chilli eaters in Western Europe but still no Chilli Red Ice Cream for us.

Apparantly, somewhere in London stocks it as well, (now there’s a surprise), so I feel a special Chilli Ice-Cream shopping trip down to the smoke will be necessary before too long.

(Urm … does anyone out there have a refrigerated van they could lend me for a day?)

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