The Team

“The only reason anybody works here is cos of the people”, so said one of the people who I’m selling door-to-door guilt with.

It’s true I guess. I haven’t been there long enough to be completely unmoved by random strangers’ generosity or to know the other’s in my team well enough to say otherwise. But they are an interesting bunch.

The Team Leader is originally from Pakistan and a cool character, gently encouraging us to go and get ‘links’. He started doing this job whilst studying for a Master’s in E-Commerce and has stuck with it even after getting this rather marketable qualification — he listen’s to The Doors and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The ‘daddy’ of the team is a larger-than-life character who holds the company record of 10 links in a day. He always has something to say and has that ‘Robbie Williams’ cheeky chappie thing going but not in an annoying way — he writes poetry in his spare time. The ‘mommy’ of the team is a woman who walked out of her management position job four months ago — she once drove at 130 mph on an empty motorway before being overtaken by two police squad cars racing each other. There’s a trumpet playing music grad as well — he sleeps a lot in cars. A Frenchman who graduated in a business-related degree in Birmingham — he’s a rubbish dancer when he’s drunk. A Maths & Physics student who is a good friend of the ‘three month old veteren’ — he’s a DJ at the Uni on the weekends. Last but not least is a Staffordshire lass, a single mom who’s just bought her son his Christmas presents with her first months wages — She finishes every sentence with the phrase ‘innit’ … and she’s not even Asian!

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