Premiere Pressies

Okay, some words as well as a picture this time.

Yesterday evening I went along to a screening of this years 1st Cut documentaries held very convieniently at the UGC on Broad Street and apart from wincing everytime I appeared on screen (It was suggested that I had some sort of fringe fetish?!?) I saw some pretty darn good documentaries and picked up some pressies as well — bonus!

Anyway, the screening was a welcome couple of hours break from a 60 hour editing session I’d found myself wrapped up in. Which wouldn’t have been so bad this close to Eid and Christmas and all the ‘giving’ that those occasions entail had it not been for the fact that I was paid in pizzas!

So what’s the going rate in pizzas for Adobe Premier editing? … three large ones apparantly — so at 3 pizzas of 12 slices each that’s 36 slices for 60 hours work. Or, to put it another way 0.6 pizza slices per hour of editing.

Next time I’m going to ask to be paid in peanuts.

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