The Week That Was

I was at the monstrous carbuncle this afternoon doing a bit of the old primary research, when I came across the following articles in the Birmingham Daily Gazzette (now sadly defunct).

So in this week, a hundred years ago …

Motor Buses for Birmingham
From Monday next, a service of motor omnibuses will run from the Grammer School in New Street to Hagley Road Station. There will be a ten minutes service each way …

… some things were better – try doing that journey today in 10 bloody minutes!!!

Death from Anthrax at Kidderminster
A youth named Charles Bird (18) died at Kidderminster Infirmary at midnight on Saturday from Anthrax. He was in the institution since Thursday, and had been employed at Mr Broomes spinning mill.

Attempted Suicide at Smethwick
David Parker (60) Heath Street, Smethwick was charged yesterday at Smethwick with attempting to commit suicide on September 30th. It appeared that he was employed at Allen Everett’s Works, Bridge Street, Smethwick, and on the morning in question he was found in a cartshed with his throat cut and lying in a pool of blood – He now pleaded that he could not do his work properly owing to illness, and was discharged on promising not to repeat the offence.

…though clearly, some things were worse.

However, other things seem weirdly familiar…

A Fourpenny Pistol
A sixteen-year-old lad was summoned at Leeds yesterday for a breach of the Pistols Act. He had bought a pistol for fourpence, the price included five rounds of ammunition. The deadly wepon was confiscated.

Ameer to Visit India
Reuter’s Agency understands that there is the probability in the near future of the Ameer of Afghanistan paying a visit to Lord Curzon. His highness has said that he is anxious to go to India to see the Viceroy as soon as the conditions of the country permit him to leave.

But the best bit of history I gleaned from the Gazette was that Aston Villa had beaten the League Leaders, Sheffield Wednesday, by 2 goals to 1 playing “pretty football” … Ahh! the good old days hey?

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