Money and Curry

Just looking through the ic – Midlands Rich List and noticed the following…

14 Lord Paul & Family £280m
44 Ranjit & Baljinder Boparan £75m
Amin Tejani £75m
51 Abdul Rashid Tayub £65m
83 Charan & Shalinder Sohal £35m
90 Perween & Talib Warsi £30m

… sadly, no Bangladeshis there but that’s not really a surprise. Deshis figure right at the bottom of the economic pile, though Pakistanis don’t fare much better. Can’t really blame religion as Indian and Middle-Eastern muslims do well for themselves in the UK.

I dont know why this should be so but I note that most of those on the above list are families or couples. Although I know some individual Deshi restaurant owners (what else!) who do well, I don’t know of a single Deshi couple in any business together and only one family who has managed it without disintegrating into petty feuding. Don’t know if there’s anything in that.

Anyway, there’s a programme “Make a Fortune … The Asian Way” on BBC2 (9.00pm) tonight at which I shall be chucking my can of Tesco Value Baked Beans but not before being regaled with amusing anecdotes from Anthony Worell Thomson and Laurence Llewelyn Bowen in “The Joy of Curry” (8.00pm) … (somebody pass me a sick bag)

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