Some months ago I mentioned a friend of mine who was attempting to get married via a Muslim Matrimonial service on the Web. At the time he was in the delicate early stages of ‘getting to know you’ with a prospective bride and things seemed to be going well enough. Well it fell through.

I felt bad for my friend and thought that he’ll just go back home and try more traditional methods or give up. I hadn’t counted on the tenacity of a Muslim man on a matrimonial mission! To mis-quote from the song, “He got knocked down, he got up again, never gonna keep him down”

His kismet, (I guess!), was to meet an even more compatible prospective bride from the site and start the whole process anew. But this time he went into it with a bit more caution … well the approach must have worked, he’s getting married next month!!!

In the end, it wasn’t about the Web really, granted they met through it but they spent months meeting and getting to know each other and each other’s families before the green light was given by both sides. Ultimately, of course it was about the two individuals involved and how they felt about each other, as my friend put it, “She laughs at my crappy jokes”.

And they really are bad, so it must be love!

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