Video Age

Is there a specific time in your life when you know you’re growing old? Or, do you wake up one morning and realise that you’re just not young anymore? Does it swoop down on you with it’s radar-reflecting bodyshell and WHOMP! just drop it’s deathly payload with silent precision? Or does it creep up on you slowly, chipping away at your faculties relentlessly, in a guerilla style war of attrition?

I was busy over the weekend doing a spot of editing when at the end of a productive session we decided to off-load the edited footage onto a VHS tape. With this purpose in mind I’d attached a TV and VHS Video recorder to the editing computer – dumping the footage should have been a breeze. Afterall, if you can see something on a TV screen attached to a VCR it should be easy enough to simply press a button and record it … Yes?

No! … that’s the theory, guess what the reality was! I mean how difficult is it to get a VCR to record – it’s something that any proverbial child could do.

So, if anyone knows how to record for more than 5 seconds at a time on a ‘Daewoo Blue Diamond’ VCR please send me some instructions … with pictures.

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