So what am I doing on this Typical Bank Holiday Monday, basking in the holiday sun … don’t make me larf – watching professional film makers ply their trade and make short movie magic happen … If only! No I’m in the production office phoning around looking for 4 amp super miniture fuse’s or at least some fuse wire.

It’s a component for a Genio … a whatio? … a Genio. apparantly it’s a gubbins that sits on the end of a thingy and makes the stedicam do stuff. Well it’s past 5.00pm on a Bank Holiday Monday and any remote chance that there may have been for finding a 4 Amp rated fuse wire has diminished to nothing now.

But I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that things aren’t going well – yesterday was amazing we started and finished as described on the packet, (the call sheet to be precise), and then in the evening we were treated to the company of ‘The Dex’ at the Santa Fe restaurant in the Mailbox. Unfortunately, I was a little bit late so I ended up in the seat most furthest away from Dex, (that was cos I was having to retrieve the battery charger for the accursed Genio!). It didn’t matter too much, the company on the non Dex end was great anyway.

Though, occaissionally, I managed to catch a snippet of the conversation that The Dex was regaling the blessed end of the table with ” … Mel Gibson bust his …. blah blah blah …. it was the size of a melon the dext day!…” So apart from the initial warm greeting he gave me I said nothing to him, nor him to me apart from one passing exchange about the weather the next day, (today), –

ME: “Oh yeah, it’s going to be sunny, glorious shiny weather” … (and it was supposed to be – The BBC had said so! )
DEX: “Are you sure about that Joe?”
ME: “Yeah sure, no problem”
DEX: “Can you guarantee that?
ME: (With much hot air filled smuggness) “Of Course!”
DEX: “You’re a brave man…”

The next day – It rained… (I blame the Genio)

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