Name Dropping

Dexter Fletcher!

There you are! – The first bit of ‘luvvieness’ with which to inaugerate a new category on Bongo Vongo. Now if you’re a bloke I’ll list ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Band of Brothers’, if you’re an uber-filmbuff then I’ll say ‘Caravaggio’ and for the ladies I’ll just mention ‘Press Gang’. (I’ll have to count myself as one of the girls in this case but in my defence, I’ll say that it has as much to do with Julia Sawalha as it might have to do with the aforementioned Mr. Fletcher).

What the hell am I talking about?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m currently working on a Screen West Midlands/Film Council funded Digital Short film as a member of a Production Team. It sounds almost glamorous but is actually a lot of bloody hard work and not an insignificant amount of stress. Anyway, we’ve just cast the lead role in this 10 minute short film and it’s … well, you can guess.

I’ll be adding, retrospectively, other ‘luvvie’ type blogs I may have belted out in the past and thus collect together the desperate chronicles of my various attempts to accidentally break into the ‘meeja’ industry. (That’ll be the kiss of death on that career then!)

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