Lucky Bastards

I watched “The way we Travelled” yesterday on BBC2 about which the Beeb itself said,

We show how independent travel hit our screens with the likes of programmes such as Rough Guide, and Michael Palin and explorer Benedict Alan venture even further afield without a tour guide trend.

The Great Palin described himself as a ‘lucky bastard’… I concur.

It was an interesting programme though; I guess it made me realise what it was that inspired the ‘gap year’ fad that’s now become a must-have life experience for so many, (myself included it has to be said).

A bit disappointed that it didn’t have anything to say about Ian Wright – not the ex Arsenal striker but his namesake – a down to earth all round good bloke and my favourite independent travel programme presenter on my favourite independent travel series “Lonely Planet guide to …” wherever.

On “The way we Travelled”, a presenter was interviewed who I’d never seen before and I can’t remember his name, (short term memory a bit screwed … *sheepish grin*), anyway he went somewhere and saw a cloud of fireflies switching on and off as they do. He said that when he dies that’s what he’ll be mentally savouring and not some other random memory.

Now I’m trying to think what would be the memory I’d want to savour in my last moments … not for a while yet I hope … probably something to do with views of mountains.

Hmmm … a Snapshots blog coming up soon(ish) I think.

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