MoD Conspiracy ?

The tragic death of Iraq WMD expert Dr. David Kelly has shocked not only the press and the government but importantly, bloggers countrywide. Gadgaholic feerozac speculates whether there’s a conspiracy behind the ‘suicide’, a thought that I was about to dismiss until something started rattling in the dusty recesses of my long-term memory.

Back in the day, when I was trying to learn to program, I used to subscribe to a computer trade magazine called Computer Weekly, (yes I was that much of an anorak … whaddya mean I still am!). I remember reading reports in it about strange ‘suicides’ occurring to scientists involved in MoD related software projects. I used to dismiss these as well until one day I realised that it wasn’t the same scientist’s death being reported upon, over a much extended period of time, but several scientists’ deaths. (dheh! dheh! dhehhhh!)

Maybe there’s something to this MoD-bumping-off-scientists-conspiracy malarkey after all? Here’s a well researched account into those earlier deaths or perhaps you’d prefer this KGB plot based theory. Of course, I may be maligning the innocent little MoD without any justification at all – you may take this view yourself – you may even believe this cheesy but mad theory.

Joking aside, a man died yesterday who had a family and friends –

“I have known David as a friend and fellow scientist since 1968, as have our wives. I very am distressed at this news and stunned by what has happened to him. It reflects very badly on the UK Government. Indeed I feel a mounting sense of anger at the way he seems to have been treated. Professional scientific advisors of integrity should not be treated as pawns in political games in this overt way.”

Prof Keith Harrap, UK – (from the BBC’s Website)

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