Gadget Boy

Well, the weather broke down so back to the blog – just finished one bit of film type work and have now started work as a Production Coordinator for ‘The Secrets of the Algerian Schoolboy’ – one of this year’s Digital Shorts. (I might tell you what a Production Coordinator does when I know)

Now, I only mention this because it’s very much a labour of love for the Director, Writer and Producer of this short film but I’m actually getting paid (wahay!) … unfortunately, I’ve already spent a chunk of that money, (in advance), on a new gadget.

I consider myself to be quite a rational, sensible sort of chap, not easily swayed by advertising or marketing and not a dedicated follower of fashion, (definately not that, if you look at the contents of my wardrobe!), yet I am helpless in the face of a clever bit of shiny electronic wizardry.

What is it about blokes and gadgets? (The gadget? … you’ll find out soon enough)

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