Quick Links

Let me unfurl my blogroll at you …

cinema minema talks about machinema, (…did I tell you about my love of alliteration?) which is about using 3D computer gaming engines to make movies. On a similarish note, Stephen at tagliners is going to a Comic Convention in San Diego (… I am Joe’s twisted jealous heart, bleeding green).

The war that ended but hasn’t really and was about something that isn’t and perhaps never was is commented upon by feerozac and soliloquist (the British one).

iranian girl and editor: myself report, depressingly, about the Iranian authority’s blocking of the blogs yesterday when there should have been an uprising.

veiled4allah is at a law centre answering calls and d’log talks about british call centre and computing jobs going overseas (…don’t I know it!). Rezwan at the 3rd world view sources lessons for wannabe journalists, meanwhile, fudgeit, continues her jury service before taking up her brand new job and dramatically, the soliloquist (the Pakistani one) has just quit hers!

… hope you catch a sheet or two.

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