Brum Bid Blues

The Beeb runs a Brum section on their website which I browse through sometimes and I was there recently when I noticed that it had a link to a page of reactions to the failed bid for Capital of Culture.

I decided to see what other Brummies felt about yet another snub to Brum by New Labour, (I know I should forget it and move on but dammit! I’m annoyed). As you would expect most of the comments were supportive and expressed disappointment but I thought the most telling reaction was from a young woman called Shona who said,

It doesn’t really bother me, I didn’t really think about it. It’s not important. Birmingham could have won. There’s a lot of stuff to do here – it’s good.

Sadly, I think that was the real attitude of most Brummies. I also think that Liverpudlians are more obviously proud of Liverpool – perhaps that was the difference.

Also on this reactions page is a link to culture films, which are five short films commissioned by Birmingham Council as part of the bid. Perhaps the real reason behind my own, (me me me me me!), disappointment lies with the hopes of these films. Back in March, I spent a couple of days as a runner on one of these films and so I view the failed bid as a personal attack on me by the Labour Party! (Damn the blessed leader!) Anyway, here’s the relevent section from that page,

Asian sweets
Asian sweets

A sprint round the restaurants and styles of food available in Birmingham. Charlotte Metcalf the director is a director of issue based films working for Channel 4, C5 and many news and documentary programmes. She works mainly in the third world where she highlights issues of race and sexuality.

See the film: Multiculinary Play video

If you bother to view this RealPlayer film you can see my hand deftly dipping a dim sum in chilli sauce (alas! my budding career as a hand model dashed by a bunch of scousers!)

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