The cricket season has well and truly begun – a controversial Test match, (what other type is there?), is playing at Lords and the joyous news that Waqar joins Warwickshire.

It’s funny, I watched the FA Cup final on Saturday but didn’t find it that interesting, I’d watched some of the World Snooker Championship finals a week before but again wasn’t exactly riveted by the action. Both events would have had me totally engrossed in the past but no longer.

However, Cricket is different. A sport that can be played for five whole days and the result can still end up in an exciting draw! – on the face of it a poor match with our high-speed and ‘win at all cost’ society. A sport where everyone, (at least in the Test Match version), wears the same colours. Where you stop playing twice a day, to have lunch and take tea. Where the captain of the English team was born in India, of Muslim parents.

Yes, I’m still enamoured of cricket – it’s … it’s … well… it’s just Cricket!

(Shame that Bangladesh is so crap at it!)

[Update: diamond geezer felt differently … Hrmphh!]

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