It´s a wrap!

Most of last week, I was in and around Wolverhampton on Matt and Nick’s documentary and didn’t really finish until yesterday.

I’d been at the Digital Shorts induction day on the Monday but in the evening Matt came round with some footage that needed to be edited for use on the following day’s shoot… we didn’t get it finished till about two in the morning. On Tuesday, I spent the day perfecting my camera assistant skills, which means that I was pushing Daryl, (the cameraman), along tracks all day. Wednesday, we met up with Shaw Taylor and shot all his stuff. I didn’t have to push Daryl about that day which meant that I had time to take some production stills with my camera. Thursday, I’ve blogged below, and Friday I dressed up as a Native American spirit medium and walked, danced and chanted all over the Black Country!

We transfered the DigiBeta footage onto VHS on Saturday and then I rounded off a fairly surreal, (and knackering), week, by standing in front of a power station in Rugely, yesterday and having my picture taken as I raised my arms in salute to a steaming cooling tower.

Honestly, it really is a documentary.

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