Reality Cheque!

Was I on drugs yesterday? ….

Just fired up the laptop to check my mail and my Yahoo splash page yielded the following news links:

  • Iraqi Shiite leader calls for Islamic rule
  • WHO: Beijing’s SARS data seriously flawed
  • Bomb blast kills at least 13 in Philippines
  • Halliburton admits to $2.4M Nigerian bribe
  • I mean you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that the New American Centurians are fiddling away while the planet hurtles towards some sort of apocalyptic doom. (Another Hat tip to Soliloquist)

    As if the Iraqi’s will be allowed to democratically elect an Islamic Republic, as for SARS – what can I say, it’s alarming to be sure. And despite the presence of over 1500 marines in Sulu island (and countless more on an offshore carrier battle group), Abu Sayaf is still killing and maiming, so wrongly, in the name of Islam. As for Halliburton – HAH! they’re so brazen… and it’s a measure of how invincible Cheney and his Neo-Cronies must feel at the moment.

    That last news report rather neatly ties in with something I read via the ever excellent Robot Wisdom entitled U.S. Military “Footprint” Extends to Africa . It’s about American manuvourings along the West African Coast, now what on earth could possibly interest them there, hey?

    How can anyone say that it isn’t all about Oil?

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