Searching for Elvis… Singh!

I was called into a production meeting with Matt and Nick yesterday…. at O’Neills on Hurst St., (now that’s the kind of production meetings I can handle!).

I was given the task of persuading Eunice, (the ‘Yoda’ of Black Country Elvis impersonators), that she should appear on the documentary and regale us all with tales of her spiritual encounter with ‘The King’.

I was also assigned the role of Sikh Elvis procurer… in chief! I have put out the word and wait to hear from Sunandon, who was on the commissioning panel for First Cut and seems very helpful to us ‘newbies’ despite running his own production company – Endboard Productions. (I’m not namedropping here – honestly! just ‘bigging up’ where ‘bigging up’ is due.)

Another person from Screen West Midlands, who is just as approachable, is Jane, a Production Liason Officer. She was on a panel of four people who asked various questions at an informal interview I was at yesterday morning. I think it went well but am still waiting to find out if I’ll be involved in some capacity with the Digital Shorts productions this summer.

Anyway, after the O’Neill’s meeting we re-located to the offices of a costume hire company just down the road, at the Jubilee Works, and I was fitted out for a Native American Chief’s costume, (ahh! now it becomes clear why I was asked to the meeting). I found one that fitted and will feature in the documentary as an approximation of the spirit of ‘Blue Mountain’.

It could have been worse, somebody’s going to have to dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

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