The wonderful thing about tiggers…

Nick, the Producer for Matt’s “Things to do in Wolverhampton when you’re Dead”, needed someone to drive about in search of a trampoline!

In the whacky Matt World it all makes sense but Nick as Producer, (and I as Asst. Producer – hah!), had to find him a trampoline. Nick had sourced one in Telford, (a small town just north west of Wolverhampton)… well actually there was more than one, anyway we needed to recce the location.

So, we piled into my Fiat Panda and chugged our way to Telford. Once there we hooked up with the guy who runs the local Trampolining Club and he was happy to help, in fact he was very happy to help – I imagined him ‘dining out’ on the story for the next two weeks.

It’s interesting how different people react to the prospect of their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’. Andy Warhol said it all!

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