Blue Mountain Twins

I went to Wolverhampton today, (well, yesterday to be pedantic), to work as camera assistant on Matt’s First Cut production – “Things to do in Wolverhampton when you’re Dead”.

As usual on Matt’s productions, it was weird! It’s not that we started the day by filming in a graveyard, nor that we were filming a set of twins at that morbid location. Nor did the fact that the twins claimed to be psychics phase me, (afterall this was Wolverhampton).

What really freaked me out was Blue Mountain. He is the spirit of a dead Cherokee native American who is channelled by one of the twins!

I was relieved to end the day’s filming with a shoot of a man called Gerald and his wife. There was nothing bizarre about him… well I say nothing but there was his habit of sketching dead people in the local community hall.

Matt joked that at the next shoot I would have to dress up as Bette Davis. I’m worried!

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