‘Nation shall speak peace unto nation’ *

It’s such a beautiful, warm day in Birmingham, apparantly it’s got something to do with the weather coming up from the Sahara, at least that’s it according to Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes.

Up till now I have been adhering to a regime of not mentioning other blogs but am starting to realise that that is going against the spirit of the blogosphere. I suppose I’m just becoming used to the ettiquette of it all and till now had been using my own blog simply as a journal of my thoughts. But I think I will modify my unwritten rule regarding this because there are an amazing number of fascinating people who are sharing their thoughts.

I’m used to trawling the blogosphere and encountering blog after blog of US based bloggers saying the most thought provoking things I’ve heard in a long time. Real thoughts, real people and although I don’t agree with some, with others I find myself nodding furiously in agreement. Had it not been for this direct access to the thoughts and feelings of real people I feel that I may have fallen victim to the prevailing Anti-Americanism, (at least amongst nearly everybody I know).

Having said that, I’ve recently joined a webring: <#Blogging Brits?> which, unsurprisingly, is a ring of Brit Bloggers. I’ve got to say that I’ve spent the last hour or so just looping through these blogs and it’s been really great, somehow more intimate than the US ones.

I’m looking forward to the time when the technology is so pervasive and accessible that it becomes impossible to wage a war. Anyway, I’m going off to enjoy the the sun while it lasts. Peace be upon you.

* The BBC’s motto, ‘Nation shall speak peace unto nation’, was based on biblical verses from the Book of Micah (chapter 4, verse 3) and Book of Isaiah (chapter 2, verse 4): ‘Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.’

— Mind Streaming – John Coxon’s Online Journal

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