SARS in Bangladesh?

It looks as if the SARS pandemic may have claimed it’s 140th victim and that it’s mutated into a more virulent form that is now attacking fit young victims.

As if that wasn’t worrying enough, Bangladesh fears Sars case; a situation that should be alarming given the massive population, the density of it and the ill-equiped medical facilities in Bangladesh.

It’s ironic then, (but hopeful too), that today, (the fiftieth aniversary of the discovery of DNA), is when the Human Genome is officially declared as mapped.

At the moment though, I think SARS is worrisome rather than panic inducing, it has a fatality rate of 4%. At any other time the SARS virus would have been the big news. Plus, I can’t believe, (even with the Iraqi war), that the Genome mapping news isn’t being heralded as the monumental breakthrough that it undoubtedly is.

Maybe the project should have had a few ’embed’ reporters on board!

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