The Arcadian

Managed to drag myself away from the TV last night and went out to the Arcadian, specifically, to Barrocco on Hurst St.

It’s supposed to be a ‘Morroccan’ themed bar and it’s blurb says:

A central bar [that] acts as a focal point designed to give the impression of a tented souk and silk sails complete the ceiling decor.

Can’t say I noticed too many signs of the tented souk or the silk sails.

But did bump into Matt, a photographer who was on the Light House course until he dropped out. As the evening went on, (and as he drank more), it all came out! Suffice to say, he was very bitter – can’t say I understand his opinion that they should have given him a camera and just let him loose with it rather than try to, (heaven forbid), teach him anything!

Other than him, the place was about half full, the music was okay, (except I’d never heard a single track before in my life), and it had the feel of a clean student bar. Actually I think most of the clientelle were probably students.

I left early…dunno why I bother!

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