Baghdad Falls?

I am watching pictures of jubilant Iraqis in the Shi’a part of Baghdad as they chant and wave arms and, rather biblically, wave palm throngs in the air.

I feel relieved, even though as is being reported,Chaos breaks out in Baghdad but as well as the, (yet still armed), crowds are celebrating, others are looting on a mass scale.

Do the ends justify the means? Well however I view the dubious premise upon which this war was started – the apparent fall of Baghdad has just got to be a good thing… hasn’t it?

I guess Ali Ismail Abbas may not think so nor will almost a dozen dead Afghans nor indeed, will a few more dead journalists.

But one thing for sure, the inevitable reduction in TV war coverage will mean that I don’t have to hear the increasingly tanned Group Captain Al Lockwood talk anymore about ‘eye-rak’ !!

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