Bangladesh makes it into the news reports.

Martin Woollacot speculates, in the Guardian, that The rottenness of the Iraqi regime will hasten its end. He does so while referencing the fall of other cities, Saigon, Pnomh Penh and Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, Dhaka was surrendered without a fight in the city itself, and the Bihari militia who had supplemented the Pakistani forces disappeared into hiding or were captured. True, in Bangladesh, the Bengali majority of the population were on the side of the Indian invaders…

It’s intriguing to note that he calls the Indian forces ‘invaders’ and not, as most Bangladeshis would have seen them at the time, as ‘liberators’!

I guess you can’t liberate a place without invading it first. It will be interesting to see whether the current invasion of Iraq does indeed turn out to be a liberation and not as most seem to fear, an occupation.

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