Sunday at a Fetish Club.

I picked up the stills photographer from Moseley and we made our way to Wolverhampton for the shoot. It turns out that she worked on the Digital Short – Satsuma last year – small world hey? I think I was only asked along in order to ferry her to the location because there wasn’t much else I was asked to do during the evening. Which was fine since it afforded me plenty of opportunity to just stand and stare.

Nikki and Jackie, the producer and director of “Chains, Whips and Rubber Tips” (!) were particularly striking in their glossy PVC and Leather outfits. It’s probably the most unique outfits worn by any filmmakers since Ed Wood so famously wore his girlfriends angora sweater on set. (Strange lot these filmakers!)

The shoot went well, although there were concerns about the lack of a large crowd but considering it was Sunday night and Wolverhampton I think they did very well to get the 30 or so assorted fetish fans. I have to admit I was just a tad uncertain about the evening but there was nothing to worry about. Although when the goateed skinhead lifted up his leather kilt and allowed Jackie to ‘punish’ him, I admit I squirmed a bit.

Apart from the fact that everyone looked like a refugee from an 80’s pop promo I’ve got to say that these Wolverhampton weirdos were a thoroughly nice bunch.

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