Shakespeare in Edgbaston

A play called ‘Time After Time’ by Frank Bramwell, (a playwright based here in the Midlands), was performed in a church just around the corner from me. Jaimie and I had been commisioned to film it and that’s what we did yesterday evening. Did you know that standing in one spot, squinting through an eye-peice for three hours is surprisingly tiring? No? Trust me, it is!

Bizzarrely, Jaimie turned up with a mohawk haircut and I could tell that some of the good folk of Edgbaston were a little disconcerted by the site of a Travis Bickle lookalike filming this play about Shakespeare’s Dreams. I’ve noticed that when I’m actually filming anything I can’t concentrate on what’s being said but I have no doubt that I’ll know what the play was about in the hours/days/weeks ahead of editing. I must be a glutton for punishment because I’m going back tonight in order to get some cutaway shots, so in total, there’ll be nearly 9 hours of footage to log, digitise and edit.

And talking about punishment, tommorow I can look forward to a Carlton/ScreenWM FirstCut shoot in a Fetish club in Wolverhampton! I wonder if my mom will want to go?

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