History just repeating itself?

Fukuyama said that we’re at the end of history, surely he knows that there is no end to a circle…

In September 1191 and after a sweeping campaign in the Holy Lands, Richard the Lionheart sent a message to his foe, Saladin,

Men of ours and of yours have died, the country is in ruins, and events have escaped anyone’s control. Do you not believe that it is enough? As far as we are concerned, there are only three subjects of discord: Jerusalem, the True Cross, and territory. As for Jerusalem, it is our place of worship, and we will never agree to renounce it, even if we have to fight to the last man. As territory, all we want is that the land west of Jordan be ceded to us. As for the Cross, for you it is merely a piece of wood, whereas for us its value is inestimable. Let the sultan give it to us, and let us put an end to this exhausting struggle

Saladin replied,

The city is as holy to us as it is to you; it is even more important for us, because it was there that our Prophet made his miraculous nocturnal journey, and it is there that our community will be reunited on judgement day. It is therefore out of the question for us to abandon it. The Muslims would never accept it. As for territory, this land has always been ours, and your occupation is only transitory. You were able to settle in it because of the weakness of the Muslims who then peopled it, but so long as there is war, we will not allow you to enjoy your possessions. As for the Cross, it is a great trump in our hands, and we will surrender it only in return for some important concession on behalf of Islam.

Incidentally, although Richard was king of England, he was born in France, lived there most of his life and spoke mostly in French. Saladin was the Sultan of Cairo, the conquerer of Jerusalem, defender of the Arab lands and was Kurdish!.

Richard never did conquer Jerusalem but it took the Muslims another 100 years to remove the invaders completely.

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