Juggernaut of War

So Donald tells us that they could go ‘Iraqi bashing’ tonight, Tony kisses Berlosconi on both cheeks like all good Tuscans do and tries to lead the chants with his brand new ‘moral war’ mantra, and a Birkbeck college lecturer is the object of Ashcroft’s pogrom on muslim scholars, (…that’ll shut up those uppity camel jockeys!). Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the US military sanctions a search and destroy, deployment of 1800 to Sulu Island in the Phillipines and young Palestinian men forsake love and life.

What I have difficulty understanding is why can’t anything be done about this relentless descent towards international warlordism. I mean, for the first time in my memory everybody and I mean EVERYBODY seems to know what’s going on and are of a voice. The only pro-war voices I hear are in the media … Murdoch’s media.

I hear praise from those who think at least Blair’s displaying strong leadership! After all the years of focus-group led politics, WHY NOW? … Isn’t it mostly facsists who crave for strong leadership.

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